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(given by Professor Murray Daw)

                           Physics for Realists: Mechanics
Lecture on Chapter 2
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Physics for Realists: Electricity and Magnetism
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Brownian Motion Videos

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Course:  3 credit course based on Prof. Rizzi's book The Science Before Science through International Catholic University ICU web site. The course is now available for distance learning. 

What can I use philosophy for? The brief, but profound answer is given by the great 20th century Princeton University philosopher Jacques Maritain. The same question could be asked of pure science; the answer at one level is fundamentally the same. 

How to have productive, enjoyable conversations.

What is Science? What is Philosophy? What is Physics? see definitions for this and more.

Information on St. Thomas Aquinas: 
Common Doctor of the Church
Works in Latin         Works in English

High School & College resources:
                   Info on light and vision
                   Introduction to Chemistry Videos

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