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Historic Discovery: Gravity Waves!
(View gravity wave effect on man animation, described in article)
4 detections!
Image: Shown in blue are the black holes found by LIGO. They were found by the gravity waves detected by LIGO that were produced by the inspiral of the 2 initial progenitor black holes. The black holes orbit around each other until they finally collide to produce the larger black hole indicated by the arrows. The lighter blue indicates the lower probability event. The last pair of black holes was found by LIGO in conjuction with Virgo, an Italian interferometer, which had just undergone a major upgrade. The detection by three detectors as opposed to just the two detectors of LIGO means that, for this last detection, the location of the signal in the sky was identified to within a 60 square degree region, much better than with just the two LIGO detectors which would have given 1160 square degrees.
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