“I appreciate the great power of Dr. Rizzi's book, not to mention its common sense and philosophical and scientific prowess…. ”
                                             --Jude Dougherty
                 Dean of Philosophy Department,
  emeritus, Catholic University and author

  “The book is a very important contribution to what I believe is the most pressing intellectual task -- the assimilation of what science has really achieved, freed of bad philosophy. ”
     --Fr. Benedict Ashley, Philosophy professor,
        St. Louis University
and author of over 20
        books including an internationally popular
        medical ethics textbook
      “Anthony Rizzi has written an important, perhaps even revolutionary book, that should awaken not only those who are complacent in their admiration for modern science, but also those complacent in their criticism of modernity.  With the authority of a recognized and successful practicing physicist, he uncovers the limits of science, not only in its effect on human life, but in its claim to know the universe, to be science in the fullest sense of the term.  With unfailing confidence in the power of truth to win assent, he patiently walks the reader through the basics of what used to be called philosophy, carefully explaining how modern science, far from having undermined classical philosophy, stands in need of philosophy even to fully understand itself.  He does not start with Thomism, but rather with the common opinions of scientists and of all observers of modern science; but in the end he has contributed importantly to the Thomist and Aristotelian revivals of our time.
     ...From the humanist point of view, it now becomes impossible to assert as a matter of course that scientists as scientists neither understand themselves nor the larger implications of their knowledge.  Indeed, Rizzi’s project is no less than to retrieve philosophy from her captors in the humanities and restore her earlier marriage to scientific thought.”

                                                                                                                                               --James Stoner
                                                                 Professor of Political Science, Louisiana State University
                                                                             Member of the National Council on the Humanities
   “The traffic between philosophy and science has been largely from the former to the latter, philosophers endeavoring to relate their thinking to that of the scientist, often in an effort to mimic and generalize the ‘scientific method.’  Anthony Rizzi, primarily a physicist, has become an able philosopher and has written an interesting and provocative book...  His central message is that science is not all there is in the human quest for truth.  There is truth prior to science and there is truth beyond it.  Philosophers, scientists, the educated reader, will profit enormously from this book.”
--Ralph McInerny
              President Bush appointed Prof. McInerny to the President’s Committee on the Arts and
                    Humanities, University of Notre Dame philosophy professor, Gifford Lecturer
                    the University of Glasgow,
author of over 50 books including The Father Dowling Mystery
                                                                                                                         Series (turned into a TV series)

    “Good faith, like good science, presupposes right thinking.  But fewer and fewer people are learning to think rightly.  This is a serious threat to us as Christians--and as humans.  Anthony Rizzi offers our society the tools to restore clearer thought and deeper faith."
                                                                                --Scott W. Hahn
                                  Professor of Scripture and Theology  at
                                      Franciscan University of Steubenville
  The Science Before Science could well be the intellectual spark that begins a new scientific revolution, one that replaces the tiresome materialist reductionism that has for so long cast its dreary shadow over much of the current intellectual landscape."
                                                          --Ben Wiker
                              author of Moral Darwinism

“The profound depth of Anthony’s book will be anticipated by anyone who is aware, as I am, of his personal and academic history.  After reading his book you will change the way you acquire knowledge in your personal and professional life."
                              --Dr. Raymond Rizzi (brother)
        ankle and foot surgeon, Kansas City, MO
    “In medical training I encountered people in medicine who seemed ill equipped to walk the line between good and evil as they endeavored to serve their communities.  This book will be crucial in preserving the truths that in turn protect the humanity of both the patients and the physicians.  Personally, it has solidified the truths I hold in my heart that are vulnerable to intellectualism unguided by philosophy.”
                                                --Mark Schneider,M.D.,
                                  family practice, Alexandria, LA
    “Anthony Rizzi's book reclaims the future for science through science's original calling to pursue objective truth.  During my graduate studies at MIT and before, his book would have saved me much consternation regarding the rightful place of science in life.  Such a book is long overdue."
                                                                     --Alex Sich
               Nuclear Engineer and Project Manager,
                Science & Technology Center, Ukraine

The Science Before Science is a must read for those wishing to push the envelope of thought. ... As you master the vocabulary and persist you will be amazed at your newfound understanding of philosophy.  It is thought provoking, relevant to each of our lives and definitely worth the effort! ”
                                                           --Daniel J. McLeod
                                      6th grade teacher, Upland, CA

      "Reading the chapters of Dr. Rizzi’s The Science Before Science was for me like a quest to sort out the
fundamentals of what it
means to know something
and to separate out the
clatter of noise.  As
Chief Scientist for
Equinox Interscience
Inc. I am often too
busy with the urgent
details of today to
see this big picture
of where it all fits.
Dr. Rizzi’s book
provides that much
needed perspective. ”

                                        --Joseph Martin
        Chief Scientist, Planetary Science
Lab (retired), Lockheed Martin, Denver

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The Institute for Advanced Physics
IAP Press's first release:
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    “Anthony….very interesting and enlightening ideas.  I particularly like how you weave famous physicists, mathematicians, etc. into
the body of your work;
so while I’m learning
philosophy, I’m also
taking in some history
and being brought to
the realization that
proper philosophy is
applicable to any and every professional field. ”
--Randy Labouve, producer
Louisiana Public Broadcasting
      “There is a pressing need for Anthony Rizzi's book, which reveals the link between science and man's deepest questions in a bold, clear and truthful way.  His book is full of insights that readers will relish and want to read again and again to plumb their depths.   I wish I had this book back when I was studying science in high school and college or when I was trying to apply science in my years as an engineer."
                                                       --Marcus Grodi
                      host of The Journey Home, EWTN