The Institute for Advanced Physics

presents its third annual summer conference
with The Jacques Maritain Center
of the University of Notre Dame

 Physics for Realists II:
Development of an Introductory Modern Physics Text
Invitation Only

Bring Laptops if you have them!
University of Notre Dame,    DE BARTOLO HALL
July 28-July 29, 2005

Conference participant folders available at O’Neill Hall.  
Cafeteria meal tickets must be used on campus at the South Dinning Hall.

       As with last year’s conference, this conference is targeted to a specific goal, and to effectively achieve that goal only a core group of leaders has been invited. As such, though tables are not reserved, the number of attendees is small enough that we should all be able to find a table together.  Please bring your laptop, calculator and any mechanics texts that might be helpful.
There is no registration fee.


Wednesday, July 27th
Afternoon      Check-into Notre Dame dorm rooms at O’Neill Hall
6:30-7:30pm  Informal gathering with pizza and soda provided by                                 IAP at O’Neill Hall first floor lounge.  

Thursday, July 28
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Friday, July 29
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Saturday, July 30
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